What hasnít been said about this amazing company. I rode every day/every other day year round for 8 years on one of their rear Mtn hubs. When I finally pulled it apart for a full service, their was no contamination!!! Field serviceable, livelong investment.


Sick chain guides, period. Totally quiet rollers, nice quality hardware. Iíve never had a chain drop using one of these. Their website will guide you towards the best system for your rig.


When you focus completely on the high end disc brake system market, you end up with a better product for a lower price. These guys have been making pads for high performance vehicles for years, and their product makes a killer upgrade from stock pads. I love the gold compound myself.


They make lots of stuff, but what I really like is that the aftermarket/replacement derailleur hangers they make are usually better quality than stock. A great way to improve the precision of your shifting. Donít forget to have a mechanic align the new hanger with you trued rear wheel.


A cool website/ industry publication that keeps you updated with all the changes/emerging products in the bike industry.


This company loves what they do. They work together with QBP selling their frames. Awesome value, sweet designs, and unique. My first frame from them was a 1x1 and I fell in love. I now also own a Steamroller and a Karate Monkey. Every one just feels right, and is totally special.


If it wasnít for this company, I wouldnít have a job. Much love for this company whom has supplied the bike industry for years and years with quality tools.


Gotta respect these guys. This company sat down, re-evaluated every part of the mountain bike drive-train for purpose/necessity, and created a better product. Sram, my bikes thank you.




South Bay Mobile Bicycle Mechanic

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