Bicycle riding is something I never took a break from. I have my mother to thank for that. She let go of the saddle on that first ride with no training wheels. She was the one who would not allow me to sit in the house. She was the one that pointed to the Black Mountain range of the Santa Cruz Mountains behind our house and said† ďThereís the mountains, go ride your bikeĒ. She probably had no idea the extent cycling would play a part in my life. Iíve never hung a bike up for winter, Iíve never declined a ride with a good friend, I know Iím gonna ride my bikes till I die. Like many of us, I have a deep affection for my bikes, they take me amazing places and teach me so much about myself. They provide me with exercise, enjoyment of life, and adrenaline my body needs to feel healthy. They are truly the world sweetest mechanical invention. I got into professional bike mechanics because I was sick of mechanics doing it wrong. I always wanted to do it myself I just needed the experience. It all started at a small shop Adventure Bike Company. The owner Eric Birky took me in and showed me the ropes. He taught me all the basics of bike building/repair/wheel-building/suspension overhaul. Adventure Bike Co was a two person shop. Just the owner and myself. I ended up working† the days he took off and gained a ton of hands on experience on my own. I worked there for years until they went out of business. I jumped from shop to shop every other year to get experience working on every type of bike, not just one specialty. I did the ramen diet when I wanted that new part, and rode at night so I could wrench all day. I quickly learned there is so much more to learn, and to never stop asking questions.




South Bay Mobile Bicycle Mechanic

"Who wrenches on your ride"?

Service done in real time at any desired locationÖ home, office or my shop!

My name is Robert Baird, but everyone calls me Rob. Iíve been in love with the outdoors, extreme sports, and mechanics for as long as I can remember. Iíve† been a mechanic my whole life. Son of a Mechanical/Computer engineer, my father was always in support of my tinkering. The house I grew up in as a child had the garage right next to the master bedroom. I loved that garage more than my bedroom and I believe I spent more time there too. Never once did my parents complain as I drilled, sanded, filed, and modified inventions/projects late into the night. I helped my dad build and restore hot rods/antique cars growing up. My first truck was a 1931 Ford Model A pickup. With my fathers guidance, we restored this truck ground up over 8 years. The feeling of accomplishment when completing the build was incredible. My dad, an expert mechanic, and perfectionist himself taught me the art of patience, persistence, and the non-negotiable terms of doing a job right. Dad, I love you for that, and for all of your incredible support/encouragement.